Accenture Logical Reasoning Test Paper 2019-20

Accenture Logical Reasoning Questions With Answers

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Accenture Logical Reasoning Test Papers with Answers 2019-20

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Accenture Logical Reasoning Exam Question Answers

Have a look on Syllabus Topics of Accenture Reasoning Question Topics
  • Analog
  • Data Suffiency
  • Data Arrangements
  • Coding Series

Accenture Logical Reasoning Questions With Answers

  • Decoding Series
  • Direction Sense
  • Blood Relation
  • Logical Sequence

Accenture Logical Reasoning Test Paper With Solution

  • Number Series Pattern
  • Selection Decision Table
  • Objective Reasoning

Accenture  Logical ReasoningTest Paper Pattern With Latest Solutions

Accenture Section Level of Question
Analog 0.6/1
Data Sufficiency 0.8/1
Data Arrangment 0.6/1
Coding and Decoding Series 0.8/1
Directional Sense 0.7/1
Blood Relation 0.6/1
Logical Sequences 0.8/1
Number Series Pattern 0.9/1
Selection Decision Table 0.7/1
Objective Reasoning 0.8/1

Accenture  Logical Reasoning Exam Questions And Answers

Accenture Logical Question Paper


Q.1 Weightage of each Question ?

Ans. Each Question Carries 1 marks .

Q.2 AMCAT Beneficiary?

Ans. Below

  • No Negative Marking
  • Its Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)-If a candidate Response is correct ,next question appeared is quite difficult. If Candidate Answer incorrectly than quite easier question Appears next.

Q.3 What are the Cut-off of Each Accenture Section ?

Ans.Cut-off of Each Accenture Question Section are Given in Intro Page .Have a look on Accenture Test Paper and Answer 2019-20.

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