AMCAT Computer Programming Questions 2019-20

AMCAT Computer Programming Test Question With Answers 2019-20

Amcat Coding Common Topics Are Listed Here . Coding Domain Question are well mentioned. Have A look through This page . You Can See Amcat computer Programming Question with Answers 2019-20. All The Further Detail About Amcat Automata Fix Is Well Written here .For candidate Quieres Message Softscholer On Our Social Media Site ,Feel Free To Ask Anything Related to Amcat computer Programming Test. Amcat Latest Coding Test Papers Are Uploaded You Cna Get The Access As You Make payment. AMCAT Automata Fix is Of High Importance and Of Good Consideration . If You Do Well In This You Can Get Interview Call Based On Your Coding Skills Because Some Companies Demands Good Coder .Amcat Coding Solution Available here . Amcat Coding Test Question with Answers 2019-20. Amcat Coding Section information Available here. Amcat Candidate Can Check Their Programming Ability Here By Buying The Particular section Question with Answers. Have A look. 


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AMCAT computer Programming Questions -Answers 2019-20

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Amcat Coding Ability Questions Answers and Section Topics Latest

  • Data Type 
  • Iteration ,Decision,Scope
  • Arrays, Procedures
  • String Manipulation

Amcat ProGramming Test Questions with Answers 

  • Complexity Theory
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Hash Table 
  • Heaps
  • Data Structure

Amcat Computer Programming Solved Question Papers 2019-20

  • Recursive Function
  • Stack and Queues
  • Linked List and Graphs
  • Polymorphism ,Abstraction and Encasulation(Concept of OOP)

AMCAT Automata Fix Question with Solution Latest

Amcat Programming Topics SubTopics Level
Basic Programming Data type,Variables,Keywords,Syntax,Operators Medium
Conditional structure if, ifelse,Swtich case and so on Medium
Control structure For, While,Do-While and so on High
Linear Data Structure Array,Stack,Queue,Linked list etc High
Advanced Data Structure Tree and Graphs High
Searching And Sorting Algo. Quick,Selection ,Merge ,Recursive etc Medium-High

AMCAT Updated Coding Test Question And Solution

AMCAT Coding Test Question With Answers 2019-20

Amcat Computer Programming Ability Question Papers and Solution Based FAQ’s

Q.1 How to Prepare For Amcat Programming  Exam?

Ans: Amcat Test is Adaptive, So Have a look On Previous Year Question Papers with Solution .

Q.2 What Happen If  I accept The Interview invitation And Doesn’t Appear?

Ans: Firstly Take Care That Doesn’t Happen, Secondly If Your Reason Is Genuine Than Inform the apiring Minds About This.

 Q.3 Is There Negative Marking in Amcat ?

Ans: No,There Is No Negative Marking Done.

4. What If Taken Test For a Particular Company And Want To Appear In Another Companies ?

Ans: No Problem Your Test Score Be Valid To All The Companies Excluding The Companies With Certain Term and Condition.

5. How Many Total Coding question Comes In Test?

Ans: There Are Total 7 Coding Question Being Asked And Candidate Get 20 min Total to Complete It .

AMCAT Coding Ability Sample Question For You 

Q1. In marathon , The Time Keeper need To Save Its Record In which Data Type In Coding ?

a) Double b) Floating c) Integer  d) Pointer 

Ans. A.  Because double store data with high precision.

Q2. Predict The Output int a=1202 ,b,c,d=10;b=a/d; c=a-b; Print c ?

a)1080  b)1080.8  c)120.2  d) None  

Ans. A

Q3. which of the following is defined to do the same action again and again automatically taking the value by calling itself till it match exit condition?

a) For b) Recursion c) Do-while d) Switch  

Ans. B . Recursion calls itself.  

Q4. Answer coding Output #include   int res(int x)  {   if(x==4) return n;   else 2*res(x+1); } int main(){ printf(“%d”,res(2)) ; return 0; }?

a) 2 b) 32  c) 8 d) 16  

Ans. D. 

Q.5 Find The OutPut Of The Following # include  int p=7,q,r; p=q=20; r=p<100; printf(“%d %d %d”,p,q,r) ?

a) 20:20:0 b) 20:20:1 c) 20:20:100 d) 7:20:100  

Ans. B. 

Q6. Predict The Output int x=99 ;  x++; printf(“%d %d %d %d”, –x,x–,x++,x-4); ?

a) 99 99 98 95 b)99 98 99 95 c) 100 99 98 93  d)none  


Q7. Answer the coding result ->  #include<stdio.h>    extern int me; void main(){  me=100; printf(“%d”,me); }

a) 100 b) 0 c) Compiler Error d) Syntax Error 

Ans. C. Extern is responsible for defining not for allocation of memory.

Q8.Ram is 5 years old and having DSA book and He Decide to Color Each Node With Different Color ,So How Mnay Total Node Are There?

a) 27 b) 57  c) 31 d) None  

Ans. B. Method For Each Level is 2^n – 1, where n is level so for 1 level 1 node , for 2 level 3, For 3 level 7, For 4 level 15 and for 5 level 31 so total is 57

Q9.Which Statment Represent Dynamic Allocation Of Array ?

a)Allocation that place as bipartite Graph   b)Allocation that takes place compiler time  c) allocation that take place at run time rendering the resizing of array d) All of the Above  

Ans. C 

Q10. Select Two Correct Statement about Abstract Class?

a) Object Can’t Be Created b) It Can’t create Reference To Abstract Class c) Can’t Create Pointer To Abstract Function d) It Contain At Least one Pure Virtual Function. 

Ans. A and D. 

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