AMCAT Logical Questions Test Papers with Easy Solutions

AMCAT Logical Reasoning Section Paper 2019-20

Here we are providing you Amcat Logical Reasoning Question Papers and Solutions which are in accordance with the Latest Syllabus Pattern followed by Amcat. Below you will know the full details about Amcat Reasoning Section and get the top ideas to crack the Amcat Logical Reasoning Test ,Previously In this section all questions were asked from below mentioned topics only. Read the full page carefully and clear your doubts regarding this section and Avoid Confusion.AMCAT Logical Reasoning Section Paper 2019-20.Amcat Test Their Candidate How Well they Conceive Information and Interpretes . Guessing The Correct Answer or Assumption Of Correct Answers With Help Of Data Interpretation. We have Arranged The Amcat Logical Test Section Question With Solution Available in amcat Exam Study Material section Paid Section . For Any Amcat Logical Exam Query Contact softscholar And Get all the Required Details.


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AMCAT Logical Reasoning Test Paper with solutions  Latest Topics 2019-20

  • Puzzles
  • Coding Deductive logic
  • Analogy & classification pattern recognition
  • Objective Reasoning

AMCAT Solved Logical Test Papers with Answers 2019-20

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Directional Sense
  • Logical word sequence

Amcat logical Questions Answers

  • Data Sufficiency
  • Coding pattern and Number series pattern recognition
  • Selection decision tables

AMCAT Logical Reasoning Section Sample Papers With Answers 2019

Moderate type of problem were asked in Amcat logical Reasoning Paper, As we know there is no negative marking in Amcat Exam So try to attempt all questions and solve the questions correctly and during exam don’t waste too much in one particular question if you are not able to solve that, move to the next question.

AMCAT Reasoning Updates Test Patterns 2019-20

Amcat Logical Paper Topic Domain Level (Out Of 5 Marked) Time Taken
Puzzles Deductive Reasoning 3.2 45 sec
Coding Deductive logic Deductive Reasoning 4.0 1 min
Analogy & classification pattern recognition Inductive Reasoning 3.5 1 min
Objective Reasoning Deductive Reasoning 4.0 1.5 min
Data Sufficiency Deductive Reasoning 3.7 1 min
Directional Sense Deductive Reasoning 3.8 1 min
Logical word sequence Deductive Reasoning 2.8 40 sec
Coding pattern
Inductive Reasoning 4.5 40 sec
Number series pattern recognition
Inductive Reasoning 4.3 1 min
Selection decision tables Inductive Reasoning 3.2 2 min

AMCAT Test Logical Reasoning Prep Help 2019-20 

AMCAT Logical Reasoning Question Paper 2019-20

Amcat Logical Test Paper FAQ’S

Q.1 Total Number of Amcat Logical Question Asked?

Ans. Total 14 Question Are Given Amcat Logical Reasoning Test.

Q.2 Total Time Required for Amcat Logical Reasoning Questions?

Ans.  Total time For Attenting amcat Resaoning Section Is 16 mins.

Q.3 I Have Scored Well In Amcat But couldn’t Make To Interview?

Ans.Dont Worry You Will Receive Call From Companies .If You Dont Get Call Further than Inform Amcat About It And They Will solve The Issue.

Q.4 Clearify Your Doubts?

Ans. Contact Softscholar on FaceBook Page ,your all question will be answered there immediatly.

Q.5 How To Open the File ?

Ans. Softschler Provide You PDF Folder.Have a PDF Reader Downloaded to your Phone or Laptop.

AMCAT Logical Reasoning Sample Question  

Q1. Misa Told Ravi that “He is the son of my father’s daughter” if Misa Don’t have any Sibling then ?

a) Ravi is her son b) Ravi is her Grandson c) Ravi is cousin  d) Misa is Ravi’s Aunty  

Ans. A.  

Q2. Half of the Sompuri Village peoples having their own houses,1/5 of village people cultivate paddy,1/3 are literate ,4/5 of the village are under 25 ?

a) some villager under 25 are literate b) all village people having house cultivate paddy c) Villager who cultivate paddy are literate d) None  

Ans. A

Q3. Swati moves 5 km in west then turns left and goes 5 km then turns right and goes 1 km again turns right and goes 5 km so starting point to destination distance?

a) 1km b) 3km c) 4 km d) 5 km  

Ans. C.  

Q4. If South -west becomes east ,north -west becomes south then North is?

a) South-West b)North-East  c) West d) North -West  

Ans. A.

Q.5 A,B,C And D went to party with P,Q,R and S . Now A did not dance with P and R, C did not danced with Q and R, D and R are Enimies, Q won’t dance with D , S partner is C then with whome D will dance ?

a) P b) Q c) R d) S  

Ans. A. 

Q6. Read The Following And Answer?

a)In A Family Of Seven There are Two Couples  Persons 1,2,3,4,5,6,7  b)4 is grand Mother of 1 and Mother of 2 c) 3 is wife of 2 and Mother of 6 and 7 d) 7 is grand Daughter of 5

Select one couple here 

Ans.4-5 and 2-3 are couple

Q7.Read This Code Pattern if “rose is red” code is 789 ,if “my name is rose” code is 1387, So Whats The Code for is 

a) 7 b) 1 c) 8 d) None 

Ans. C.

Q8. Suppose in a match of 32 players ,Players are marked from 1 to 32 if 1st marked player plays with last 32th players , 2nd plays with last 31th marked player and so on . After The round 1 Only winners Move to round 2 and again the 1st players plays with last playes and so on this match proccess is repeated till winner is one . So In 128 players Match who will play 30 in round 2 if there is no upsets?

a) 27 b) 28  c) 30 d) 34  

Ans. D.

Q9.Guess The Sequence  UIOZ:WKPA::AORC: ?

a)CQSD  b)CQDS  c) DSQC d) NONE  

Ans. A.  

Q10. In morning ,Rahul and Shiva is Talking to Each Other Face to face and rahuls Shadow falls in shiva’s right so is which direction Shiva is Facing?

a) East b) West c) North d) south  

Ans. D. 

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