AMCAT Latest Quantitative Aptitude Papers with Answers

AMCAT Quantitative Aptitude Test Question Paper (Latest)

In Amcat Exam, Aptitude section is one of the scoring section,If Candidate Practise These Question Regularly It Become Easy To Crack Amcat Aptitude Section. Amcat Aptitude Study Material Properly Uploaded Here, Solving Amcat Aptitude Problems will be helpful to increase your percentile marks. Basically you have to practice all types of questions because sometimes they asked easy and Some Times tricky question in Amcat Aptitude paper and because of lack of information, candidates Face Problems in solving problems. AMCAT Aptitude Latest Question Paper, Available Here You Can Find Out That Amcat Aptitude Tech and Quantitative Are The Different section Here.You Can Get Amcat Quantitative Ability By Clicking On Side Links Provided.You Also read Difference In Our Amcat Aptitude Page.Amcat Aptitude Test Question Paper(Latest) with Solution Available here. Have A Look On AMCAT Aptitude Test Question Paper (Latest) With solution. Amcat Aptitude Exam Is Important to bring In Habit So Buy The Papers And Practise Well.


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AMCAT Aptitude Exam Study Material 2019-20

AMCAT Paid Study Materials(Basic)
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AMCAT Paid Study Material (Ultra)
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AMCAT Aptitude Sample Papers With Solutions 2019-20

  • Logarithms
  • Profit & Loss
  • Divisibility
  • Numbers,Decimal fractions & Power
  • Inverse

AMCAT Aptitude Question With Answers

  • Time,Speed & Distance  
  • Probability
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • HCF & LCM
  • Permutation & Combinations

AMCAT Aptitude Question  with solutions 2019-20

Mostly In Last year questions papers,asked easy-moderate type questions, There are 16 questions in Amcat quants sections and allotted time 24 min. while solving the questions, you should take average 1 min /ques Depending on Questions.

Amcat Quantitative Tech Ability Topics Domain Level Time Taken(Min)
Logarithms Engineering Mathematics Hard 1.5
Permutation & Combinations Engineering Mathematics Medium 2
HCF & LCM Basic Mathematics Medium 1.5
Profit & Loss Applied Mathematics Medium 2
Divisibility Basic Mathematics Medium 1
Inverse Applied Mathematics Hard 1.5
Time,Speed & Distance Applied Mathematics Hard 2
Probability Engineering Mathematics Hard 3
Simple and Compound Interest Applied Mathematics Medium 2
Numbers,Decimal fractions & Power Basic Mathematics Medium 2

AMCAT Aptitude Test Question Paper with Answer 2019-20

AMCAT Aptitude Test Question Paper (Latest)

Amcat Quantitative Aptitude Test  Based FAQ’s

Q.1What Difference B/w Quantitative ability and Quantitaive Tech ?

Ans.Quantitative Tech Includes The tech and Non Tech field Question We Are Helpfull In Getting Consideration In admin Job,Life Science,Marketing ,Hotel Managment etc.But The Question Topic Asked In Both Are Almost Same.

Q.2 How To Contact Us?

Ans. You can Contact Softscholar Through Our FaceBook Page.Link is Given Above FAQ for Any Query.

Q.3 How Long The Test Valid?

Ans.As Long As You Have Subscription.

Q.4 How To Analyse The Most Asked Question ?

Ans. Buy Amcat  Question Paper plus Answers(Link Are Given In Starting Of Page).This will Clearify The Syllabus Pattern

Q.5 How To Open the File ?

Ans. Softscholer Provide Amcat Question and solution in Form of PDF .Have a PDF Reader Downloaded to your Phone or Laptop.

Q.5 What If I Buy These Papers And Doesn’t Like It ?

Ans.  Firstly There is Nothing Such Dislikes Thing As We Will Be Providing You The Amcat  Previous Year Quant Question plus Answer. Secondly These Question Will Help You To Great Extends so Candidate Must Not Get Confused With This-That Question .Just Check The Question Paper Given To You and Consider The Syllabus.

AMCAT Aptitude Sample Questions  

Q1. Two trains from shivpur leaves varanasi at 10am and 10:30 am and respected speed is 60 kmps and 75 kmps ,For How Many KiloMeter These Train Will Move Together From Varanasi?

a) 250 b) 150 c) 100 d) 300  

Ans. B. How – Let Take Y km To Meet The Train then time taken by first is y/60 hours and second is y/75 hours so y/75-y/60= difference 1/2 mins so y= 150 km. 

Q2. Six Round Objects Begins Tolling at Intervals of 2,4,6,8,10,12 so in  60 mins How mny Time They Will Toll Together?

a) 16 b) 15 c) 31 d) 30  

Ans. C. How- Take LCM of 2-4-6-8-10-12 which is 120 sec equal to 2 min . 60min /2min=30 round plus 1 at starting equals to 31.

Q3. There Are Three Co-prime Numbers ,Firt Two Number Product Is 551 and Last Two Are 1073 .Find The Sum Of Three Numbers ?

a) 129 b) 99 c) 127 d) 139  

Ans. A  How-So These Two product middle Term Is Common which is HCF Of The 551 and 1073 = 29, Now 551/29=19  and 1073/29= 37 .

Q4. Rahul can Complete the work in 8 days working 5 hours per day and Rani can complete the work in 10 days working 6 hours a day, Working 8hous A Day In how Many days they will together complete the work?

a) 3.5 b) 3 c) 4 d) 10  

Ans. B. How- total hour rahul work is 5*8=40 and Rani is 60. So Rahul and rani One Hour Work is 1/40+1/60 which is 1/24 . so required 24 Hours Together Equals 3 days.

Q.5 A Shopkeeper sell a Object of 1020 and get lose by 15% ,How Much He Selling Price Should He Keep For 12 % Profit?

a) 1344 b) 1566 c) 1200 d) 3000  

Ans. A. How- Let Consider The Original Cost To Be X then X*85/100= 1020 Now X=1200 So 1200*112/100=1344.

Q6. If 15 Sheep Or 20 Goat can Eat The Grass In 80 Days So in How Many Days 6 sheep and 2 goat can eat the same grass?

a) 160 b) 150 c) 170 d) 90  

Ans. A. How- So 15*80 =6*x Because work is same. So x=200 Days Now 20*80=2*y So y=800 days. One day work of 6 sheeps and one day works of 2 goat are 1/200+1/800=1/160 So 160 days are Required . 

Q7.In How Many Ways Does 10 Tickets Can Be Distributed Among 9 People?

a) 10^9 b) 9^10 c) 10C ^9 d) None 

Ans. B

Q8. Simplify Log 75/16 + Log32/243-2Log 5/9?

a) Log 10 b) 2 Log 2 c) Log 2 d) 0  

Ans. C. How-> 2Log 5+Log 3 -Log 16 +Log 16 +Log 2 – Log 243 – 2Log 5 + Log 81= log 2.

Q9. 10 Person Enter a lounge And Shakes Hand Find The Number Of Handshakes?

a)90  b) 65 c) 45 d) 10  

Ans. C. How-> (10*(10-1))/2=45 . 

Q10. In How Many Ways Word “RAINY” can Be Arranged?

a) 160 b) 120 c) 30 d) 60  

Ans. 120. How->  5!=120.

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