AMCAT Verbal Ability Question Papers 2019-20

AMCAT Verbal English Questions with Answers (Latest)

AMCAT Test their Candidate in Field of English speaking and Understanding .Therefore,Amcat Test Check Your Grammar ,Vocabulary and Reading Capacity. Most Importantly To check If candidate are fit to do video conferencing overseas,Candidate can be sent to other countries, Candidate can understand the foriegn accents well, candidate can understand exactly what the other person meant, Candidate Can Sent paper works without mistake . Because of These reasons Amcat English test section are kept in examination. Amcat Verbal Previous Year Question with Answers are Available . AMCAT Verbal Questions with Answers (Latest) Uploaded Here You Can See It after you buy it .Amcat English Test 2019-20 Topics Written in This Page . WhatEver Doubts You Have About Amcat Verbal ability Test Can Ask Softscholer Directly On Social Media Link Given in softscholar Contact Post. Amcat Communication Skill Test Each Details Of Amcat Verbal Question With Solution ,Amcat English Test Question Plus Solution All Are Available For Amcat Candidates. 

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AMCAT Verbal English Study Material Availbale 2019-20

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AMCAT Latest Verbal Ability Test 2019-20 

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms

AMCAT English Test Papers with Answers 

  • Contextual Vocabulary
  • Error Correction 

AMCAT Verbal Ability Exam Questions 

  • Sentence Making and Advancemnet.
  • Reading Comprehension
Total Number of Questions-> 18     Total Time -> 18 min 

AMCAT English Paper Description 2019-20

Amcat English SubTopics Domain Example Time Intervals
Reading Comprehension Comprehension 5 min – 6 min
Finding Error Grammar 30 sec-1 min
Synonyms Vocabulary Ancient <-> old 30 sec-1min
Sentence Improvement Grammar 1.Hell Bent At Getting
2.Hell Bent Upon Getting
1 min -1.5 min
Antonyms Vocabulary Attack <-> defend 30 sec -1 min
Contextual Vocabulary Vocabulary Forced To Move-Banish 1 min
Sentence Contruction Grammar 1min

AMCAT erbal English Test Paper And Solutions 2019-20

AMCAT Verbal Questions with Answers (Latest)

AMCAT  Verbal Test Papers and Solution FAQ

  1. Can I get the solution to particular problem?

Ans: You can find solution of all the question of the Previous Year AMCAT Question Papers just click the buttom of your choice and check out the item available for you.

2. What level Of Question are being asked?

Ans: AMCAT Offer Placement to Candidate who are well Prepared In there Field. AMCAT Help Candidate Qualify Job In Private Sectors ,Higher Studies Examination Test and Getting Recommendation

3.Marking Scheme of Amcat?

Ans: Marks Depend on Difficulty Level of Question .AMCAT Is Adaptive in Nature It Try That its Candidate Get Good Marks In Test. 

4. What do I need to access the Softscholar files ?

Ans: You will receive Softscholer PDF files.You just need pdf reader in your system to access the file.

AMCAT English Sample Questions With Answers  

Q1. Trick The Matcing Word with “Repercussion” ?

a) Precaution b) Reaction c) Action d) Reply  

Ans. B.  

Q2.Mark the Opposite word of “Relinquish”?

a) Give-up b) Deny c) Retain d) Let -Go

Ans. C

Q3.Mark the opposite in meaning to mentioned word “After Flood the Whole town in Cooperating mood”?

a) Peace b) Amity c) 4 Lenity d) Vengeance  

Ans. D.  

Q4. Mark Out The Odd Word In option if sentence is “He has to do correction in papers and Mitigate the changes”?

a) Dilute b)Vindicate  c) Intensify d) Lighten  

Ans. C.

Q.5 Predict the nearly opposite word for sentence . Man Retires after 60 years of service ?

a) Exodus b) Influx c) Egress d)  Entrance 

Ans. D. 

Q6.Similiar of ORTHODOXY?

a)Doctrine  b) Disbelief c) Agnosticism d) None


Q7.Similar to SUMPTUOUS and opposite to BELLIGERENT?

a) Opulant and Agreeable b) Palatial and Quarrelsome  c) Distitue and Peaceloving d) None 

Ans. A.

Q8. Gaytri Will Not Move to Palace until They have Arrived  ?

a) Until they will Arrive  b) Until they Arrived  c) Until Have they Arrived d) No Changes  

Ans. B.

Q9.Jyoti and Arya went for shopping , Jyoti liked a cup but had no money . So Arya Had to_____ Jyoti some money ?

a)Give  b) Lend  c) Borrow d) Owe   

Ans. B.  

Q10. Tata Motor has never ____  in sponsoring the World Cup?

a) been interested b) was interested c)interests  d) show interests  

Ans. A. 

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