Capgemini Logical Reasoning Questions-Answers (Latest)

Capgemini Logical Reasoning Questions Answers 2019

Here you will find Capgemini  Logical Reasoning Questions Answers 2019 and also you will get Capgemini logical latest test paper questions and solutions . If you are looking for Capgemini Placement test papers then you are in the right place. Capgemini Logical Reasoning Recent Question Paper 2019-20 with solution. You will find most updated Capgemini Logical Reasoning Question and Answers of Capgemini .Select option matching your requirement. We provide you the Latest Solved Capgemini Test Paper which will create better understanding of Capgemini Test Paper Patterns. Capgemini Logical Reasoning Preparation Question, Capgemini Latest Reasoning Question, Capgemini Previous Year Logical Question Paper And Answer, Capgemini Logical Reasoning Questions Answers 2019.

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Capgemini Logical Reasoning Questions Answers 2019

Capgemini Latest Logical Test Papers – Paid

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Capgemini Logical Papers and Solutions

  • Visual Reasoning
  • Blood Relations

Capgemini Recent Logical Test Papers and Answers

  • Statement and Conclusions
  • Flowcharts
  • Logical Reasoning

Capgemini Latest Logical Reasoning Papers 2019-20

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Capgemini  Placement Logical Reasoning Latest Exam Pattern and Topics 

Capgemini Logical Reasoning Questions Answers 2019 with topic wise description in the table below:

Capgemini Logical Reasoning Topics Time Required Difficulty Level
Relationship 1 minutes Moderate
Flowcharts 1 minute Easy – Moderate
Logical Reasoning 1-2 minutes Moderate
Statements and Conclusions 2 minutes Easy – Moderate
Attentions to Details 1 minute Easy
Visual Reasoning 1 minute Moderate – Hard
Capgemini Recent Logical Test Papers and Answers


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Ans:  Mostly it is 60% in aggregate, but company changes the eligibility criteria from time to time.

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