CCC to hold online education to high standard

The Australian Communications and Media Authority will hold an online education competition to see who can create the best learning platform for students in 2019.

It will open to applications on Tuesday, with the competition due to be held in October.

The Competition Authority says it is looking to attract a variety of learning experiences, including interactive learning and virtual learning.

The organisation has been working with educational technology company Udacity, which will also be running the competition.

Students who are accepted will be able to upload a video of themselves in the course they are studying.

They will then be able vote on the best online learning platform to use.

A top contender will be selected for each platform.

“The aim is to create an education platform that will enable the learners to develop their skills in a manner that is both effective and flexible,” the Competition Authority said in a statement.

“This platform will enable students to learn, develop and work towards a wide range of skills, while ensuring that they have the appropriate skills and knowledge to meet the needs of their chosen career.”

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