Google’s self-driving car is on track for its first trial

Google’s autonomous vehicle program has just completed a series of pilot trials in California and Maryland, with the goal of opening up the system to the public and potentially eventually allowing drivers to request a self-drive option on their own vehicles.

Google’s self drive program is now about 15% complete, with about 80% of the vehicles that have been tested.

It is designed to be an autonomous vehicle system that does not have a steering wheel, pedals, or pedals.

The Google self drive cars, like the Google Waymo self-propelled trucks that were featured in a promotional video for the Google X division of Alphabet, will be equipped with a number of sensors that will track the driver’s speed and the amount of time they have spent in their vehicle, according to The Verge.

The vehicles will also have sensors that can be used to measure and analyze the driving environment, such as the amount and quality of sunlight and wind.

Google is working with two private companies to begin trials of the self drive system in California, and Maryland is the first state to officially adopt a test protocol.

Google has also partnered with Volvo, Ford, and General Motors to begin testing in that state.

Self-driving technology is now used in several car models in Europe, including a Ford XC100, a Tesla Model S, and a Lexus RX500.

In China, the self-driven cars have been used by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and have been involved in a number incidents, including the crash of a Chinese national in December that killed a passenger.


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