How to avoid panic, panic attacks and more: how to avoid stress, anxiety, and depression

There’s a lot of panic and anxiety in modern life, but is there a way to manage it?

If there is, what are some tips to help ease those fears? 

The answer might surprise you.

In this week’s edition of the new podcast, Dr. Lisa DePaulo, the founder and director of the International Anxiety Disorder Association, and Dr. Michael Siegelman, a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist, talk to you about anxiety and panic, from a clinical perspective.

Dr. DePaulos is a psychiatrist in private practice in Los Angeles, California. 

In this podcast, we will talk about the various treatments available, the research behind them, the benefits and the possible side effects, and the best ways to treat them.

Dr. De Paulo, what do you think are the best coping strategies for managing anxiety and fear in the workplace?

What are the main symptoms of anxiety and anxiety disorders?

What triggers anxiety?

What do you find the most effective ways to cope?

Dr. Michael DePaula, what is the most common anxiety disorder in the United States?

What is the link between the two?

What does stress mean for your anxiety?

Are there any signs that stress might be causing stress in your life?

What symptoms do you experience when stress is on?

Dr DePaulas tips on how to manage stress include:What are some ways to avoid feeling stressed, anxious or confused?

What should you do if you have anxiety and stress symptoms?

How can you get rid of stress?

Dr Siegelmans research on the role stress plays in the pathogenesis of anxiety disorders was published in 2012 and is now available on 

What are your thoughts about this podcast?

Do you have any tips to share? 

Listen to the show on the podcast or subscribe to the podcast on our podcasts page.


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