How to use the Google Voice search engine for India &c. (India &c.)

Google Voice Search in India &b.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is a voice-enabled communications technology platform that enables consumers to easily make calls and send text messages.

As of May 2017, the Google app is available for both Android smartphones and tablets.

Google Voice is a feature that enables people to make calls using the Google Assistant, which has over 200,000 voice commands.

However, the most popular Google voice search feature for India is Google Voice, which is accessed via the Google App.

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Google’s Google Voice app for mobile phones and tablets offers a wide array of voice commands and features that make it a very popular voice search app.

Here is a brief list of the voice commands that Google Voice allows: Google voice (voice) Add Google Voice (voice).

Add any number.

Google voice-call Add a number.

Call someone.

Google dial Dial the person or number on the other end of the phone.

Google search Search the phone using the voice search.

Google Search (voice search) Search for a Google search result.

Google map search (voice map) Turn on/off Google Maps.

Google weather (voice weather) Check current weather conditions.

Google mail (voice mail) Send a message to a person.

Google calendar (voice calendar) Make a list of all the things you want to do today.

Google push notification (voice push) Set up a push notification.

Google news (voice news) Get a quick summary of news headlines.

Google music (voice music) Listen to a song.

Google Play Music (voice play) Play a video in the Google Play store.

Google maps (voice maps) Look at Google Maps in the Maps app.

Google chat (voice chat) Ask a question about Google chat.

Google web (voice web) Open Google web browser in the Chrome browser.

Google camera (voice camera) View images from the Google camera.

Google contact Send an email to someone.

Google chat (text message) Text someone using Google Messenger.

Google email (text) Receive an email from a friend.

Google call (voice call) Call a person using the phone number that was provided.

Google read receipts (text read receipts) (text receipts) Get receipts from an application.

Google contacts (text contacts) List all your contacts.

Google cal (voice cal) Calculate the temperature in Celsius.

Google settings (voice settings) Change the voice settings.

Google photos (voice photos) Show photos in the photos app.

Google search (text search) (voice query) Search for an application or service.

Google play (voice Play) Buy an app from Google Play.

Google app (voice app) Download an app.

Gmail (text Gmail) Forward a message using Gmail.

Google text message (text text) Send a text message to your Google friends.

Google photo (text photo) Capture a photo using the photos feature.

Google video (video) Watch a YouTube video.

Google home (text home) Search your Google home.

Google google (voice google) Search Google.

Google keyboard (voice keyboard) Use the Google Keyboard to search Google services.

Google address (voice address) Enter an address to contact.

Google image search (image search) Search a Google image.

Google clock (clock) Check the time.

Google calculator (calculator) Calculate the distance from your location to your closest neighbour.

Google bookmarks (bookmarks) Create a Google bookmarked address.

Google navigation (navigation) Search locations on Google Maps, Search, and Google+ by using Google Maps or Google Search.

Google directions (navigo) Use Google Directions to take you anywhere you need to go.

Google stock (stock) Stock price (price) Share your stock prices.

Google share (share) Share any stock price with other stockholders.

Google videos (video videos) Watch videos on YouTube.

Google send (text send) Send an email or text message.

Google texts (text texts) Text someone using the Android phone or tablet.

Google calls (text calls) Make a call.

Google talk (text talk) Talk to someone using a Google voice chat.

Google maps (text map) View the Google Maps app in the app store.

Google Calendar (text calendar) Get a quick list of your calendar events.

Google calendar (calendar) Get the most recent and most important calendar events for a specific date or time.

Google weather (weather) Check current weather details.

Google mail (text mail) Send your email to a friend with Google mail.

Google web (text web) Download the Google web site from the web.

Google music (text music) Listen to a YouTube music video.

Google Play Music Music (music) Play a YouTube playlist.

Google news (text news) Get an email for upcoming news


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