How your cellphone network is changing for you

New technologies are allowing you to connect with friends and family in a way that was once unimaginable.

But a lot of what you’re doing on your phone could be considered a security risk.

A new CBS News/ YouGov poll found that more than half of Americans have not set up their own secure messaging and social media accounts, even though more than 40 percent of them have some kind of email account.

In fact, the survey found that 56 percent of Americans say they have not setup any type of secure messaging or social media account.

The poll also found that 58 percent of those who have set up a secure messaging account have no idea what they’re doing.

While the survey did find that 42 percent of the public has no idea how they use social media, most people say they don’t care.

The survey found 65 percent of respondents say they would use a secure social media platform like Facebook, Google, or Twitter if they had to, while just 23 percent said they would do so if they were required to do so.

In short, it’s important to set up your own secure communication system so you’re protected.CBS News national security reporter Joe A. Wolverton is a CBS News consultant.