Microsoft’s new communications app is not a good fit for Microsoft, analyst says

The Microsoft communications app that the company has been releasing in recent months has not made a significant impact in its initial rollout, according to a new analyst report from TechInsights.

The new report notes that despite the new communications feature, Microsoft is still a bit behind competitors like Facebook and Twitter, even though its app is built for mobile.

The new report from analyst Michael Norton argues that Microsoft’s app is a “bad fit” for Microsoft and its business and doesn’t help with user engagement, as well as it doesn’t offer a lot of differentiation.

The Microsoft app for smartphones and tablets offers users the ability to create and share messages and photos with up to four people.

It also offers support for multiple devices, allowing users to keep multiple contacts on the same device, but Norton points out that this feature only works for the phone and not tablets.

“While Microsoft has released a new messaging app, the Microsoft Messenger, the app is still too limited for a mobile market that lacks both social and media features,” Norton wrote.

“It’s also not very compelling to users because it lacks the differentiation that Google+ offers or the mobile apps of Facebook and other platforms that provide social features.

Microsoft’s messaging app is more of a tool to facilitate the integration of social and other media into Microsoft products than a good way to bring new users into the Microsoft ecosystem.”

Norton believes that Microsoft will eventually replace Messenger with something like Google+, or perhaps Facebook Messenger.

“Microsoft Messenger is a great tool, but it’s not going to be a huge force for new users,” Norton writes.

“The messaging app that Microsoft is launching this week is just the latest in a long line of messaging apps that have not had the kind of impact that the messaging app built by Google+ has had.”

The Microsoft messaging app also lacks a way to send photos to a third party.

“We suspect that the Microsoft messaging team will try to make a phone version of the app available for purchase, but we expect that it will likely be a limited time offering,” Norton said.

Microsoft’s new messaging feature, Norton said, is likely to be an incremental update that will be added to the app over time.

The app also has no built-in social integration.

“Microsoft has already built a lot into Messenger to make it better at integrating with other apps and websites, and we expect the same thing to be true for Microsoft Messenger,” Norton concluded.

Microsoft has not yet released a formal statement about Norton’s report, but the company did post a response to Norton’s criticism on Twitter.