‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Gets New Battle System

Sonic the Hedgehogs upcoming battle system will be called “Battlefield.”

It’s called “battlefield” because it’ll be used for battles, as opposed to the generic “battle” system that we’ve seen in past Sonic games.

Battlefield will also have new types of abilities, and it’ll come with a new power-up system, according to Sonic Team, the company behind Sonic The Hedgehog.

The team hopes that the new system will “create an authentic Sonic experience.”

The new system is going to be a completely different way to play Sonic the hedgehog.

We’ll be seeing a new type of gameplay with different game modes, different abilities, different weapons.

The gameplay system will have more depth and be a lot more strategic than just the traditional one, which is basically a bunch of jump pads.

Battlefields will also be a bit more like the classic game Sonic: Tails and Knuckles, where you can go up the screen and press a button to get to higher platforms.

The new Battlefields system will include more combat, more abilities, more weapons, and a more strategic gameplay experience.

Sonic The Lost World has also announced a brand new, more expansive online multiplayer mode that it’s calling “Tournament” mode.

It’ll allow players to play against each other on different maps, and the game will also feature a brand-new “player versus player” mode, which will be playable on all multiplayer servers.


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