TCS Interview Process Pattern 2019-20


Today you will get so many websites loaded with TCS Interview Process Pattern 2019-20 but you will not get exact questions and answers asked in interview over there. Most of the websites mix Managerial questions with HR questions or you will get only basic technical round questions but on SoftScholer you will get all questions related to every rounds. Go through this page for Interview process for placements, Interview process with questions, Interview pattern.

TCS conducts its placement in 4 rounds:

  1. Online Written Test Round
  2. Technical Interview Round
  3. Managerial Interview Round
  4. HR Round


TCS Online written paper consist of questions from Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Programming concepts. To get the complete details of TCS Online Written Test Pattern visit our TCS Syllabus page for written test. There you will get sample questions with answers  and alongwith our materials which are strictly based on our latest TCS recruitment pattern of 2019.

Visit our Syllabus page by clicking on the link below.


Once you clear the online written test of TCS, next you have to face TCS Interview rounds which are conducted in 3 Phases:

  1. Technical Interview Round
  2. Managerial Interview Round
  3. HR Round


This is the second round of TCS Placements. In this round, you will asked some technical questions related to your branch or coding concepts.

Here, we are listing some of the questions asked in TCS Technical Round:

  1. Explain the functionality of linked list.

A linked list consists of two parts: information and the link. In the single connected listening, the beginning of the list is marked by a unique pointer named start. This pointer does point to the first element of the list and the link part of each node consists of an arrow looking to the next node, but the last node of the list has null pointer identifying the previous node. With the help of start pointer, the linked list can be traversed easily.

2. Why the usage of pointers in C++ is not recommended ?

In C++ the emphasis would be on garbage collection and preventing memory leaks (just to name two). Pointers are a fundamental part of the language, so not using them is pretty much impossible except in the most trival of programs.

3. What do you mean by Data mining?

Data mining is defined as a process used to extract usable data from a larger set of any raw data.

4. Write a program to reverse a string.

5. What is inheritance?

In, Object-Oriented Programming, inheritance is a mechanism based on classes.

Inheritance refers to inhering the data members and properties of a parent class to a child class. A class which is derived from another level is often called as a sub-class or a child class, and the type from which the child class is obtained is known as super-class or parent class.

6. List different advantages of DBMS.

Improved data sharing.

The list of several advantages of DataBase Management System:

  • Improved data security.
  • Better data integration.
  • Minimized data inconsistency.
  • Improved data access.
  • Improved decision making.


    7. In header files whether functions are declared or defined?

    Functions are declared within header file. That is function prototypes exist in a header file,not function bodies. They are defined in library (lib).

    8. What are the different storage classes in C ?

    There are four types of storage classes in C. They are extern, register, auto and static

    9. How do you print an address ?

    Use %p in printf to print the address.

    10. What is database Schema?

    The formal definition of the database schema is a set of formulas (sentences) called integrity constraints imposed on a database.


This round is conducted by the HR of TCS and it is the easiest round. The HR of the company will ask you simple basic questions.
1.  Introduce Yourself ?
Introduce yourself with your designations. Include the things in introduction that leave some positive and good vibes on Interviewer.

2. What is your weakness?

Do NOT mention key weaknesses here. This is not the place to say you are bad at meeting deadlines or you never mastered highschool mathematics etc. Turn this question around to your benefit.

3. Why should we hire you?

Ensure them that  you are perfect for the job. Again, explain that you are very interested in the job and demonstrate what it is about your past experiences, education and qualifications that makes you ideal for the job. Show enthusiasm and support your answers with evidence wherever you can.

4. Why Should I Take You In TCS?

Whether your interviewer asks you this question explicitly or not, this is the most important question of your interview because he must answer this question favorably in is own mind before you will be hired.

5. What are you expecting from us?

I am expecting a good enviroment where I can apply my Technical ideas which would be helpful for company and me both.

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1.What To Do in Interview?

Ans:TCS Interview is Tough, You must carry your Confidence With your Presence of Mind. Be Creative . 

2.Can i Get Some of the Common Interview Question?

Ans: Interview Question Like Related to you may be asked often so You must know everything in detailed about you. Try To be upto date in General Knowledge . Rest and most depends on your Study and ideas which are basically Given major Importants.

3. How To Get Selected in TCS?

Ans:Its Important To Know the Proccess Of TCS recruitment as there are four rounds and You have to Qualify All Rounds .So For Pre Knowledge of Question and Answer You can have TCS latest Questions Paper with Answers on This site.

4. Where i can find TCS Placement pattern?

Ans: Here We will help you Understand TCS placemnet Pattern Go To TCS Placement paper page (Link given above in starting) .

5. Need Help?

Ans: For Any TCS related Query Contact Us ,ask Question on our FACEBOOK Page.