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Additional  Terms

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If you use our any service or products  that relates to online payment, then you agree to pay all the related taxes and other convenience charges that are related to that particular payment. If you are using credit card for payment then you are authorizing the company to store your credit card details and thereby authorize the company to charge your credit card on regular basis to pay any due amount.

If you payment gets due for any reason whatsoever during your use of our products andd services, we will hold your your account or block your account permanently from using our website in future.

All use of yours, accessing and using our products and services must be in compliance with all the applicable laws and regulations of the country in which the company is registered.

While using the products and services from our website  you shouldn’t indulge in giving false information, copy, distribute, modify, deface, turnish, hack with the product, services and operations of the SoftScholer website. Also you should not indulge in introducing any malware code on the website which may harm and destroy the proper functioning and security of the website. Do not use robot or any automated programming scrips to gain unauthorized access to the site.

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General Disclaimer

This site is only an educational platform. You agree to use SoftScholer at your own risk. to give a better quality of service we have tie-ups with many third-party sites. Use of these third party services and information will be at your own as as SoftScholer neither owns or operates these websites or applications. SoftScholer does not take any liability to any loss or damage directly or indirectly in regard to personal damage in loss of data or whatsoever while using the services of the third party applications.


You will only access our products and services for law full purposes. You are solely responsible to adhere to all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the use of our products and services. You agree not to use the company’s products ans services to recruit, solicit and contact any potential users for employment purpose or for business not linked to our company without prior permission and written conscent from SoftScholer.

Specific Obligations for Students using the site

If you are student/customer participating to use our course and services you are bound to follow the terms and conditions applied and you represent warrant and convent that:

  1. You are either the age of 18 or above the age of 18, and if you are not either of these 2 cases then you will use our product with the presence of your parents or legal guardians.
  2. You have read, understood and agreed to the pricing information before using our site’s services and products.
  3. Customers/students are  not allowed to post or transmit any unauthorized advertising, spamming mail or any form of solicitation through the website, products/services.
  4. You will not reproduce, distribute in any form(online/offline), communicate to public any company products/services except as permitted by the terms and conditions.
  5. You will not post any inappropriate, offensive, racist, hateful, sexiest, pornographic,misleading or defamatory contents.
  6. You will not solicit personal information from any other user of these website.

Pricing Disclaimer

All prices of our products and services, offers are subject to change without any notice. While we make sure to give the best price of the products and services on our website, in some cases one or more items may be priced incorrectly. This might happen due to human errors or technical errors. SoftScholer reserves the right to change prices for all products and services. These changes are done due to market demand, product/service termination or other mitigating circumstances.


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Warranty Disclaimer

The products, site, services or any other materials on or made available through our website are provided without any warranties of any kind from SoftScholer to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, the company hereby disclaims all such warranties including but not limited to warranties provided by third party suppliers, non-infringement, accuracy, freedom from errors suitability of products and services and its availability.


We may terminate your use of our site, products and services without any prior notice if we find any breach by you in following our terms and conditions and any applicable policies posted on our website from time to time. You may also terminate your use of our site by ceasing to access them or by contacting us at [email protected] Upon termination you have to cease all use of the site, its products and services.


By using our site, products and services you agree that company may communicate with you regarding security, privacy, administrative issues and any other related issues that may arise from your use of our products and services and company may communicate you regarding the same through sms, e-mail, phone call or announcements made on our website.

If there is a security breach on our website company will try to inform you regarding the same through email or sms.

You must not use this website, its product and services for any unlawful purpose, in any unlawful manner or in any manner inconsistent with the terms and conditions, or act fradulently or maliciously like hacking or inserting malicious  codes in our website, products and services. You must not use this website for commercial purpose. You must not use this website in any manner that could compromise our site and server security or interfere with our other users.