‘This Is My Life’: Taylor Swift’s new song, ‘I Know Why You’re Reading This,’ is ‘a great way to express what you’re feeling’

Taylor Swift released her new song “I Know That You Know” on Tuesday, and it’s an impressive piece of work.

In fact, the song is the kind of powerful pop-culture anthem that is always going to be remembered by people who haven’t yet discovered Swift.

This is the first time the pop star has made a video for her song, and she’s made sure to make it an enjoyable experience, which is a testament to her talent.

Swift’s song is filled with emotional moments that are well worth listening to.

“I know why you’re reading this,” she sings, “so let me explain.”

But let’s get back to the song’s title.

The song’s lyrics aren’t really about anything at all, but Swift makes sure to put it in a super clear context.

“If you don’t want to understand why I wrote this song,” she writes, “let me explain it.”

It’s a brilliant use of the song title.

“A song for everyone, just like this is for you,” Swift sings.

“We’re here to help you understand why you think you know me.”

There are several reasons Swift’s music works on its own, but one of the most important is that the lyrics don’t really matter at all.

Swift doesn’t want you to think that the song isn’t about the people who care about her.

“You’re not supposed to know me,” she tells us.

“Because I know that you know who you are, and you know why I’m here, and I know why my fans care.”

But if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, then the lyrics will help you feel at ease.

“My heart is here in the lyrics,” she says in the song.

“When you’re in the middle of all this feeling, you’re not in the right place.”

The lyrics are also the best way Swift has made her new music so accessible.

The lyrics help you connect with the song, too, by showing you just how special Taylor Swift is.

“It’s a song that you’re going to want to play in your car,” she said of the video for the song on Tuesday.

“And it’s a record that you can buy.

I know you can’t help but want to get that record, too.”

And that’s where the video comes in.

Taylor Swift has never released a video before.

This was the first song the singer has ever recorded, and while she’s been using music videos for years, the video was something she was able to pull off without needing to use an actual music video.

It was so well-done that Swift has used it as a launching point for her new songs.

This video is perfect for showing off Swift’s ability to use her talent to connect with her fans.

“The best thing about this video is that I didn’t need to write a song,” Swift said of her video.

“What I had to do was make it real.

And so I just made it happen.”

The video is beautiful.

It shows off Swift using her singing voice to really talk about the song as she sings it.

“This is my life,” she begins.

“But this is my story, too.

I’m not the only one who’s been feeling this way.

I can tell you why.”

There’s a real warmth to the video, too: the camera pulls back and the song starts to move in slow motion, giving us an intimate look at Swift’s voice.

Swift can also make the song seem real and real-time.

“Let me explain why I was singing this song in the first place,” she starts.

“Why I started writing this song was because I wanted to know what my fans were going through.

And that is something I’m very interested in.

And I wanted you to know that.”

In her video, Swift is also singing about the way she feels, so she has a real empathy for the listener.

She talks about how her voice has changed over the years, from the soft and sweet of “Shake It Off” to the more dramatic of “Bad Blood.”

She even talks about her own feelings about her vocal performance.

“So this is what it felt like when I got a call from my dad saying, ‘You need to come in the office tonight,’ ” she sings.

That’s when she realized she was having a hard time listening to her fans and getting answers.

She started working on the song and began writing lyrics for it.

She even recorded the song in her own bedroom.

But as the video shows, there are also moments of Swift’s singing voice that are very personal, and the video does a great job of capturing it.

And the song ends with the line, “When I think of you, my heart is in the words I wrote,” a moment that


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