Trump praises former CIA director’s ‘tremendous work’ in Syria

President Donald Trump praised former CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Thursday for his “tremendeous work” in Syria, as he commended Pompeo for the role he played in finding ways to help the U.S. and its allies in the Middle East.

Trump’s praise for Pompeo comes just days after Pompeo said the U and its partners had been successful in Syria.

Pompeo, who is retiring from the CIA, has been an outspoken critic of President Donald J. Trump and his administration.

“We owe it to the American people to ensure that we are not repeating the mistakes of the past,” Pompeo told reporters on Wednesday.

“The CIA, which is very respected and respected by many, is the most respected intelligence agency in the world. “

Pompeo was part of the intelligence community for years and years and it was very important to him that we continue to work with the intelligence agencies of our allies and partners,” Trump said at the Pentagon.

Pompeo was appointed by Trump in 2017 and took the helm of the CIA last month. “

I know he will always be a great man and a very valuable asset to us.”

Pompeo was appointed by Trump in 2017 and took the helm of the CIA last month.

Trump said Pompeo had made “a lot of significant contributions” to the U-S.


“Mike Pompeo has been a terrific addition to our team,” Trump told reporters in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

“He’s been terrific.

“So I’m very, it’s very, you know, very happy with the decision.” “

In terms of the work he’s done, he’s been tremendous,” Trump added.

“So I’m very, it’s very, you know, very happy with the decision.”

Pompeos first name was mentioned as Pompeo is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, which he chairs.

Pompeos last name was also mentioned as part of Trump’s remarks.

Trump spoke about Pompeo at a dinner with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Pompeowos predecessor as CIA director, Mike Pompei, was fired after his controversial comments on the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Trump described Pompeo as “one of the most talented people” he’s ever known.

“They were very successful in the war on terrorism, and I think he made a lot of tremendous contributions to that war,” Trump, a former Republican, said.

“But it was not a successful war, so I’m really very proud of him.”

Pompei has said that he was “somewhat surprised” by Trump’s comments, but “did not find them to be a criticism.”

Trump and Pompeo are scheduled to speak by phone on Thursday morning.


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