US court to hear arguments in Trump’s lawsuit against Nordstrom

The Supreme Court will hear arguments over Trump’s challenge to Nordstrom in the ongoing litigation against the department store chain, the company said Friday.

Trump’s lawyers have sought a temporary restraining order that would halt the retailer’s efforts to block a $1 billion suit from the billionaire, who sued the department chain last year.

The case is the latest in a string of high-profile legal fights against companies that have used Trump’s celebrity to target rivals and investors.

A decision is expected by the end of the year, a Nordstrom spokeswoman said.

The company said it would continue to fight for justice for its employees.

“We will continue to take the steps necessary to protect our customers and employees, and we look forward to presenting the court with evidence that supports this position,” it said in a statement.

The court has previously held that it has broad discretion to grant temporary restraining orders, meaning the Supreme Court could grant a stay on the case until the end.

Trump sued Nordstrom last year over the allegations that he used his celebrity to stifle criticism of his businesses.

He has accused Nordstrom of using its power over customers and investors to silence the voices of people critical of the company, including prominent conservative media personalities and politicians.

Trump’s suit accuses Nordstrom and its parent company, Amway, of violating the Constitution and antitrust laws, claiming the company engaged in predatory business practices.

It also accuses the retailer of violating federal antitrust law by charging more than a third of its sales in the United States were from sales made by non-American companies.

Nordstrom said it has not been served with the lawsuit.

The court is expected to issue its decision on the issue in the fall.


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