‘We’ve got a real problem’: The US Census bureau says it’s been hacked

By now, the news of the Census Bureau being hacked has made headlines around the world.

The US Census Bureau, the nation’s largest source of census data, was hit by a series of cyber attacks that affected millions of people across the country and sent its website to black out for several days.

The Census Bureau is a non-profit agency, not an industry agency like many of the other organizations in this country, which have to meet a set of strict standards to receive federal funding, and it was the first agency to experience such a breach.

As we reported on Wednesday, the hackers used malware to target the Census website, causing the agency to take the unusual step of shutting down access to the site and shutting down its email service.

It’s unclear why the FBI and other government agencies chose to do this.

The bureau has been forced to admit that the hack was not an isolated incident.

But the hack is a troubling development for a country that has been struggling to address the data security issues of a growing number of organizations.

While the US Census is not a household name, it’s no secret that the agency has faced some challenges.

The Bureau has faced an array of cybersecurity threats in recent years, including data breaches, cyberattacks, and hacking attempts on its websites. 

In response to the hacking incident, the US Government Accountability Office released a report stating that the Census is still vulnerable to cyber attacks.

And a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Institute found that the FBI is not adequately protecting its census data.

While it’s not clear exactly how the hackers accessed the Census database, it appears they accessed data stored in two locations.

One of the breaches occurred in October 2016, when the bureau’s systems were breached.

The second incident occurred in March 2017, when a third-party security firm used malware called SQL Injection, or SQLI, to gain access to data stored on Census.gov.

The report also noted that the Bureau had been using a vulnerability in the system it uses to track voter registration information to track and log voting data. 

The bureau’s website has also been hit in the past.

In November 2015, the Census reported that it had been hacked, and the bureau later reported that they had found malware that compromised the bureau and its databases.

On Tuesday, a cyber security researcher who worked for the Bureau of Land Management published a report that claimed the bureau was also vulnerable to data breaches.

The hacker who posted the report said the bureau has a history of using vulnerabilities in its database.

In the report, the hacker claimed that a data breach occurred in November 2016.

That incident included data that was stored on a third party vendor’s servers, and also included a data vulnerability that was used to access Census.

The data breach impacted millions of records.

The report claims that the bureau had been tracking voter registration records for years before the bureau discovered that they contained data from a third vendor.

“The data that these third parties were able to access was not stored by the Bureau, but rather was stored in a database called ‘the Census’ on Census’s server,” the report reads.

“This database contained information on every person who had registered to vote in the 2016 election.

In short, these data breaches exposed sensitive data, including names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, birthdates, driver’s license numbers, driver license expiration dates, voter registration data, and other information.

This data was used in conjunction with the Census to help identify potential problems in the voting system, and to provide updates to the Census.” 

The hacker also claims that a second data breach happened in March, 2017, and that the data in this data breach was stored locally by the Census.

This information is used by the bureau to track who is registered to a certain precinct, and can be used to identify and track voters who may have voted illegally.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also was hacked in 2016, and several other agencies were hit in 2017, including the Department of Agriculture.

The bureau is not alone in facing cybersecurity challenges.

A cybersecurity firm called CloudFlare said last year that it is still experiencing a significant amount of cyber-attacks.

Citrix, a security company that provides cloud security solutions to enterprises, also recently announced it is also experiencing a massive data breach.

The breach affected 1.4 million people, and impacted more than 4.7 million of its users, according to Citrix.

The company said that it was also impacted by another cyber-attack, but it did not specify which one.

The FBI said that they have been in contact with the Department for more than a month and have begun an investigation into the breaches.

It has also launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, the Federal Communications Commission said that the US government is not able to guarantee the security of its data.

According to a recent report, data stored by Verizon in its cloud is accessible by anyone.

And there is also evidence that


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