Which of the Trump Administrations’ Cabinet nominees is the most liberal?

Trump’s pick for Attorney General, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), has received significant media coverage and a lot of negative reaction, both from fellow Republicans and his own party.

But he’s also been a major player in the media and the public imagination.

Here’s a look at the major media coverage of Sessions.

The Post’s fact-checkers rate each of Sessions’ major claims.

The Post’s Fact Checker rating for Jeff Sessions’ claim that he “would have been the first AG” to bring charges against Hillary Clinton in her use of a private email server: A B+ The Trump administration is the first to have a sitting Attorney General in Trump’s Cabinet since Jeff Sessions became the first Republican attorney general in 1979.

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called Sessions “the most qualified and accomplished Attorney General” who could serve as president of the United States.

Sessions was confirmed in the Senate by a vote of 93-2 in March 2018.

But that’s not all he has done as attorney general.

He also has been involved in a number of cases before the Supreme Court, including a federal trial in which he was convicted of corruption charges.

In addition to Sessions’ Senate confirmation, Trump has nominated four other former federal prosecutors to fill vacant U.S. attorney posts: Thomas Perez, who was nominated by Obama to the post; John Yoo, who became U.K. attorney general; Steven Shapiro, who replaced David Lapan as U.N. special envoy on poverty; and William F. Sweeney, who has been nominated by Trump to serve as deputy attorney general under the Trump administration.

Sessions has also been nominated to serve on the National Security Council and the Foreign Relations Committee.

In recent years, he has also taken a number more cases, including the Trump University case and a class action lawsuit alleging a sexual assault against former President Bill Clinton.


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