Why is the Windstream Communications board not getting enough funding?

The Windstream communications board has not been meeting regularly since February, according to its president.

And now that the board has been stripped of its authority to oversee communications services, the only way it can do that is to request more funding, according a person familiar with the matter.

Windstream’s president, Michael Kuehn, told ESPN on Monday that the funding was needed to “reinforce the board” and ensure it is staffed and functioning.

“The board is in the middle of a transition and the transition has to happen,” Kuehenn said.

“So I can’t say how many meetings we have been having, but the board is being very busy.”

He said the board had been asked to submit a request to the federal government for additional funding but declined to provide details.

The Windstone communications board also has been asked for additional funds, but Kuehann said he could not provide any specifics.

Kuehner declined to discuss specific details of the funding request and said he was unable to comment on the board’s future because it is “in the middle.”

The Windmill Communications board, which has a smaller membership, is in charge of providing communication services for Windstream and other companies.

It has not met regularly since March.

A Windstream spokesperson did not immediately respond to ESPN’s request for comment.

The board’s decision comes amid concerns that the Federal Communications Commission is considering a change in the way the federal agencies that oversee telecommunications networks and broadband Internet access, such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Office of Management and Budget, are supposed to operate.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican, recently made a move to roll back many of those rules, and he has made clear his goal is to make telecommunications providers and content companies like Netflix and Facebook pay more to get access to the same broadband services.

He has also proposed to eliminate the Federal Information Exchange Act, which allows for the voluntary exchange of information among the public and private sectors, a provision that has been a hot topic of debate in recent weeks.

The FCC is scheduled to vote on Pai’s proposal to rollback those rules on Dec. 18.

Kueshner also said on Monday he does not know the fate of the communications board, citing a “transition period” that is currently underway.

“That’s the nature of the transition period, and that’s what’s going on right now, so we don’t have any details,” he said.

The Communications Board is responsible for overseeing Windstream, Windstream Media, Windstone Communications, and Windstream Public Communications, according the Windstorm Communications Board website.

The communications board is currently composed of eight directors who are appointed by the board.


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